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Sam's Place, North Africa

We are so pleased to support one of our very own as he leads an effort with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) to share Christ with college students who are arab, inside a closed country. We have seen more people choose to follow Jesus in this country in last year than in the previous 25 years combined! Praise the Lord! 

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 7.55.49 PMJosh & Erica Bode: Protestant Church of Oman

At dawn in the city of Muscat, a call to prayer fills the desert air. It’s the same call that echoes against the buildings every day, five times a day. It is against this backdrop in Oman, a Muslim-majority nation, that God calls Christians to bear witness to peace and reconciliation in Christ. This call is lived out, in part, through the Protestant Church in Oman and the dozens of congregations in its care.

Josh Bode pastors the PCO congregations as they build bridges and love their neighbors in Oman. They are from half a hundred countries, more than twice that many Christian traditions, and every socioeconomic class under the sun. This international body of believers serves Jesus in Oman, bears witness to Christian unity within human diversity, all while seeking to increase the global church.


Andrew & Amy Fields, Biblical Seminary of Colombia

The Biblical Seminary of Colombia (BSC) is situated in a busy working-class quarter of Medellín, Colombia. The neighborhood sounds are a friendly presence—inviting you into the community with busy street vendors, upbeat music, and bustling buses. Many of the seminary students come from families like the ones that live in this neighborhood—hardworking and determined but often strained for financial resources.

Andrew serves as a professor and coordinator of field education at BSC, while Amy devotes her expertise to the seminary’s library, where she seeks to expand access to quality materials for theological formation. God calls all kinds of people to ministry, so the seminary offers opportunities so that socioeconomic barriers don’t stand between its more than 150 students and their calls to proclaim the Gospel in Latin America. 


Bob & Katie Van Zyl, Colombia

Since 1977, We have worked in Colombia, first translating the New Testament (published in 1991) and Old Testament portions into the Camsá Indian language and then as consultants in Bible translation (Bob) and literacy/Scripture Use (Katie) with members of over 40 people groups in the region. Stay in touch: 


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Casa de Esperanza

Casa de Esperanza is a Christian, faith-based organization created to bring hope through education to Honduras. Translated as “House of Hope,” Casa de Esperanza seeks to promote self-sufficiency and spiritual growth through supportive housing, training, and skills development, to deliver medical and dental care, and to provide basic construction services. Find out more here.